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Let Your Love Grow with Martin Binder

Dreaming of a Larger Diamond? Trade Up!

Often when we get married or give a gift, there are just too many other expenses that come first. At Martin Binder, we get that! And, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or a milestone anniversary, we offer an extremely generous Trade-Up program. Come in for a visit and we’ll be happy to show you a variety of options for upgrading your diamond center stone or diamond stud earrings purchased from Martin Binder. *

Make a Change
With Martin Binder, you can trade up to the next carat size or rock something completely different. We can even help swap out the shape of your stone. Revamping sentimental pieces can make the perfect present.

Incredible Value

* The Martin Binder Diamond Trade-Up Guarantee applies to natural diamonds (also known as earth grown and mined diamonds) purchased from Martin Binder. The Trade-Up Guarantee does not apply to factory diamonds (also known as lab created diamonds, man made diamonds, engineered diamonds, and cultured diamonds) purchased from Martin Binder.

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