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Wedding bands and engagement rings are available everywhere. You can find them online, at the mall, national jewelry chains and even department stores… But, does a cookie cutter experience accurately represent your love? No. Of course it doesn’t.

Your love was discovered out in the world, unearthed during exciting adventures and life experiences. Just like that incredible bond, each piece we carry has a special meaning. That’s why Martin Binder offers a completely unique bridal experience. We learn about your story, your preferences, your tastes. We provide more than just a routine shopping experience, because we care about what it represents. So, for every couple that chooses to honor that meaning, we provide a special discount with each engagement ring purchase.

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Your Wedding Band Purchase (custom, special order or in stock).

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Wedding gifts for each other and your attendants.

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*Only available for brides and grooms who purchased their engagement ring with Martin Binder. Some brand exclusions apply.

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A special thank you to @martinbinderjeweler for helping make this a dream a reality!

Surreal to see my ring featured in the wedding issue of @inspirednwi

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Love my mani and my rings!!! #wedding #married #ajaffe