The 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide



We can all agree, moms are easy to celebrate. But finding the perfect gift? That can be more of a challenge. When shopping for gifts, the options are endless, but none compare to a thoughtful piece of jewelry.  Candles will be burnt, flowers will wilt, gift cards will be spent, but jewelry will be treasured for a lifetime.  Get the search started for the right piece for your mom by finding her style below.

For the Trendy Mom

If your mom is always sporting the latest trends, a new piece of heart jewelry will play into her interests while offering sentimental value as well. The Clara by Martin Binder Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace is perfect for the mom who prefers a more glamorous look.

For the Casual Mom

Many moms have a daily uniform of athleisure clothing or a simple pairing of jeans and a t-shirt. To find jewelry that compliments this laid-back look, opt for subtle, simple pieces like these Irisa by Martin Binder Yellow Gold Oval Opal Earrings. The perfect earrings to upgrade everyday basics without looking out of place.

For the Classic Mom

A mom with classic style can never have too many pearls. Start with a sophisticated strand of pearls like our Tara Pearl Bracelet or this Miyana by Martin Binder Pearl Strand Necklace. 

For the Vintage-loving Mom


A mom who prefers a more vintage look would love the pieces from our Irisa by Martin Binder Collection, and we think the Blue Topaz & Diamond Necklace is the perfect choice. 

For the New Mom

“New mom” may not be a specific style, but it’s still a category worthy of its own attention. For an expecting mom or mom who has just given birth, the first Mother’s Day is special. A new piece of jewelry with her baby’s birthstone would make the perfect sentimental gift. You could also make just about any piece more meaningful with a custom engraving.


At Martin Binder, we’ve helped countless customers create memorable Mother’s Days with thoughtful gifts, and we’d love to do the same for you. Continue to shop our expansive selection or stop by the store to let us help you find the exact piece of jewelry mom will love.


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