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Design The Custom Jewelry Piece of Your Dreams

The jewelry of your dreams can and should become a reality through our custom design process. Our expert team have over 80 years experience in custom benchwork and is committed to making your personal design flawless and stunning. All work is done on-site right at Martin Binder Jeweler here in Valparaiso, Indiana, so you can expect not just great service and design, but a quick turnaround.

So, now that you know why you can trust us with this process, let’s show you how it works.

It all starts with you.

Step one is your dreams and ideas. As you brainstorm alongside our trusted staff, this step will make your design tangible for your vision and budget.

Step two is all about visuals. Through a computer-aided design, we can show you a 3D image of what your jewelry is to look like. Here you can really visualize whether the design is all you want it to be.

jewelry designer 3d models a ring

Photo: Behind the scenes with the Martin Binder team working on a CAD design


Step three puts it back in your hands. You will get to see the CAD design before it goes into production, see how it is coming together and make any changes before it goes into production.

Step four begins the transformation. Our 3D printer renders a wax model of what your jewelry is expected to look like. This assures the feel and sizing of your jewelry. When the model is complete, you can test it out to make sure everything fits and looks up to shape.

Step five, then, is our favorite. It is your turn to treasure your finalized piece. Because the talented design crew at Martin Binder Jeweler does our metal castings in-house, your jewelry will be handled with care and ready for you to cherish for years to come! This reliability and timeliness of this process is our promise to you.

diamond ring on workbench

Photo: Custom ring design done onsite in Valparaiso, Indiana


So, are you ready to design your perfect piece? Book an appointment with us today! 


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