In order to preserve the accuracy, value and longevity of a watch, it’s important to have your timepiece undergo regular maintenance. Our skilled watchmaker is trained and certified to repair all the finest timepieces.

In addition to major watch repairs and overhauls, our technician will be happy to perform routine maintenance, including crystal replacement, link removal and watch winding. We also offer a full watch-cleaning, battery changes, clasp check and re-pressure testing of all water resistant watches. Martin Binder is also one of the only locations that will refinish your watches to help maintain the value and visual quality of your timepieces. Most battery replacement services and link repairs can be completed the same day you bring them in.

Preserve Your Precious Keepsakes

Have a sentimental timepiece that needs some tender love and care? Come visit our store and let us restore it to its former glory.



This timepiece was purchased in Vietnam by our jeweler’s grandfather. He wore it for 20+ years after serving overseas in the army. Though the watch looked to be beyond repair, our watchmaker painstakingly reapplied the gold plating on the case and completely overhauled the rest. Now, this stunning 1967 Seiko watch is a prized family heirloom that will be worn and enjoyed for generations.

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Why Buy
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Lifetime Battery Replacement

When you buy a watch from Martin Binder Jeweler, you never have to worry about battery replacement. If your battery dies, we will replace it, free of charge.

Complimentary Case and Bracelet Cleaning

Like all jewelry, a watch requires consistent cleaning to maintain its quality and appeal. At Martin Binder Jeweler, we offer complimentary case and bracelet cleaning once a year. Our ultrasonic cleaning system will remove dust and other debris from your case, preserving the longevity of your treasured timepiece.

Complimentary Custom Engraving

We offer complimentary custom engraving to any timepiece purchased from Martin Binder Jeweler. You can customize your timepiece for any occasion, including anniversaries, graduations, retirements, wedding gifts, birthdays or corporate awards.

Put Your Timepiece to the Test

Water Testing

Martin Binder is proud to host four different water-testing devices. The Witschi Chronoproof Pro Dry Tester and Fathometer Dive Watch Tester will discover any leak inside your watch to safeguard against future damage.

Condensation Testing

We run all timepieces through our condensation tester (Monitor CST3) to check for moisture within your watch.

Timekeeping Testing

Our quartz tester (the Elma Watch-Master II) examines the consumption and power of any watch with quartz movement, while our electronic, mechanical tester (the Witschi Chronoscope S1) checks the precision of mechanical watches to make sure your watch maintains its accuracy.

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