Every Stone Has a Story

When you shop at Martin Binder Jeweler, you’re not just buying a piece of jewelry, you’re inheriting a piece of history. Unlike many jewelers, we personally travel the globe, seeking the world’s rarest diamonds and gems. Our owner, Robert Flude, makes multiple trips every year, connecting with gemologists, miners and tradesmen from all walks of life. His love for the industry, care for responsible sourcing and passion for travel are just a few of the values that help to shape our company culture and mission.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Throughout his travels, Robert has uncovered special meaning in many of the pieces offered at Martin Binder. Whether it’s a ruby from Karnataka or a diamond from Mozambique, each stone has a fascinating tale and compelling origin. These stories are complemented by unforgettable sights, interactions and relationships, all over the planet. Not only is it a fun way to do business, but it allows for the personal touch, time and attention to detail needed to provide a truly special customer experience. At Martin Binder Jeweler, we don’t offer simple trinkets… We provide beauty and meaning to match the extraordinary people and occasions that mean the most to you.

No Diamond Houses. No Wholesalers. No Middlemen.

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