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Continue Your Story in Style

A new year awaits, carrying with it the promise of fresh starts and styles. It’s a time of year where we begin to make changes, evaluate who we are and set intentions of who we want to become. We consider everything that brings happiness, just as we discard items and ideas that no longer honor us. This includes our wardrobe and of course, our jewelry box. Refreshing your jewelry is a great way to begin your journey into the new year to pursue your unique story. With beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, you can start your new year off with something stunning that will honor your journey for 2022.

Move Boldly Forward

Chain necklaces are a bold fashion choice and show the world how ready you are to rock the new year. Shimmering brightly with both casual and formal outfits, they are perfect for anyone’s unique style. This Elle Paperclip Hammered Chain Necklace uses textured sterling silver chains to catch the eye and create glimmer. You could also try on this Elle Navette Hammered Marquise Chain Necklace. Both of these choices will make you stand out with confidence in 2022.

Timeless Grace

Pearls take time to form. They remind us that beautiful things might not happen quickly, but can be accomplished given enough time and patience, just like our new year’s resolutions. They are also a classic and elegant staple for any jewelry collection. The Honora Pearl Bracelet is a simple yet lovely piece, with its delicately colored lilac pearls. If you want to add some sparkle to your pearls, look no further than these Honora Pearl and Sapphire Earrings. The white sapphires shimmer, accenting the lustrous glow of the pearls. Both of these items add a touch of grace to your collection for the new year.

Back to Basics

Natural colors and designs, including uncut or polished stones, are not only trendy, but invigorating. They remind us to take a step back and simplify. This Silver Stalactite Ring is a gorgeous example, with its striking natural stalactite. If you enjoy ever-changing luster, this beautiful Opal Ring may be the perfect piece for you, as would this electrifying Opal and Diamond Ring. Lastly but certainly not least, is this handsome Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring. The marquise cut salt and pepper diamond is set in exquisite 14-Karat rose gold with a satin finish. All of these rings give us a chance to appreciate the basics, keeping us grounded as we look towards the future.

Charm Your Jewelry Box

People have worn charms for almost as long as we have worn jewelry. In the past, charms have been used for protection against evil spirits, illness and injury. They’ve also been used to invoke good luck, health and healing. Today, you can wear charms to give yourself courage for the new year, to honor your changes and to remind yourself of your resolutions. This Monica Rich Kosann Compass Charm is the perfect piece to navigate the adventures you’ll be embarking on in 2022. With shining sterling silver and white enamel, a blue sapphire glimmers from the center. You could also opt for a glittering Aurelie Gi initial charm. The letter features beautiful round cut diamonds framed by sumptuous 14-Karat yellow gold. Initial charms are a fantastic way to extend your story in an intimate and personalized fashion.

Begin with Martin Binder

Just like a diamond or a gemstone, you have a compelling story. Your journey will allow you to continue to grow and change throughout the new year and beyond. Start 2022 by defining your next chapter with pieces that represent and inspire you. Our world-class selection at Martin Binder is waiting for you to explore. Stop by our store in Valparaiso, Indiana and discover something that will start your new year off right. After all, we love celebrating your unique adventure through life!