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A Practical Guide to Traveling With Your Jewelry

Summer is here and the world beckons. Whether it's warm beaches, quiet mountain sides or boisterous cities, sunlit journeys await us with unforgettable memories ahead. At home, you have a specific place for your jewelry, be it your dresser, drawers or jewelry boxes. But when you're on the road, it's another matter. Traveling with jewelry can be tricky because it's extremely easy to lose small valuables… And there’s no better way to ruin a great trip than misplacing an expensive piece or family heirloom.

At Martin Binder Jeweler, adventure and travel is in our blood. Each year we tour the globe, seeking out the world's rarest diamonds and gemstones. During our journeys, we've not only brought home some amazing stones, but also perfected different methods to travel with jewelry. So, here’s our rundown of the proper ways to travel with your treasures.

Home-Made Helpers

Chances are, you already have some things around the house to help organize your valuables. Straws make traveling with necklaces a cinch. Simply loop one end of the necklace through the straw and then fasten the clasp. This is a fantastic option because the straw keeps the necklace from becoming tangled.

You can also use extra buttons to store earrings. Pop the post or hook of the earring through the buttonhole and voilà, they're secure. Pair all your earrings together this way and never lose one again.

Once you have all your necklaces and earrings organized, you can slip them into a plastic bag, zip it shut and drop it into your luggage or carry-on.

Another great DIY method is a pill case. With a pill case, you can use individual compartments to organize necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

All these options are inexpensive and good for those last minute trips you don't have much time to prepare for.

A Little Bit of Luxury

If you travel more frequently, a jewelry bag would be a wise investment. Made of soft velvet, satin or silk, a jewelry bag is perfect if you only have a few key pieces to carry with you. A couple rings, bracelets, necklaces and button-organized earrings will easily fit into a jewelry bag. It's also soft, providing protection for your items that a plastic bag would not. Additionally, a jewelry bag is small, convenient and easy to secure in your carry-on.

Leave No Pair Behind

Do you like to shine in every situation, even while you're on the road? Or perhaps you need to impress during your business trips? If you require a full collection of jewelry, you can't go wrong with a jewelry box. Not only does it have more space, but compartments and drawers for organizing. Many have separate areas for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Once everything is sorted, you can snap the box shut, put it in your luggage and continue on your journey. Just make sure you have a safe place to keep it, or an unassuming bag to stash it in. You'll be assured that your jewelry is safe and all in one place.

Enjoy Your Journey

Travel and jewelry are both unique in that they can nurture our souls. Both can inspire wonder and are attached to enduring memories and incredible moments in our lives. Maybe you bought a special bracelet when you were in Orvieto. Or perhaps you wore a favorite necklace the last time you went bowling in Rock Valley. No matter how big or small, each experience can be commemorated or celebrated by a piece of jewelry. This summer, Martin Binder Jeweler hopes you enjoy your journeys and your jewelry to the fullest, no matter where you go.